Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Golden Retriever

golden retriever puppiesGolden retriever is the heart stealer of every house among all the American household pets. When we search for the honest and family oriented kind of pet, golden retriever is the best choice. Here we provided the details regarding this breed.

The European respectable golden retriever was the breed for hunting purpose and retrieving the water fowl and the game birds. It is said that this breed was develop by crossing the flat coated retriever and water tweed spaniel together with the various breeds of identical group for over time. Golden retriever is medium dog in terms of dimensions with an height of 21-24 inches, and weight of 60-90kgs, along with the males having 10-15 kgs heavier than females.

Golden retriever has dense inside the coat giving then enough warmth. While coat outside is water repellant and smooth, lying flat against body. Various shades of gold is official color of the breed which can be seen most often. Due to the thickness of the coat, regular and frequent grooming can be required weekly. The tendency of the golden retriever is smart and affectionate. It is a perfect companion for the families and children’s. This breed adapts new conditions and is very energetic. They are of the sporty group and thus require regular exercise. Going on a walk every day will keep them healthy and happy.

They identify suggests and retrieving, hence they enjoy the activities like playing, swimming, and working. Different information important about the golden retriever embodies the life expectancy of 10-12 years. Frequent problems like hip dysplasia, allergies, congenital defection of eyes, and willebrand’s disease which is a heredity abnormality coagulation causing the deficiency of the multimeric protein. Therefore if we carry out regular examine ups, these problems can be detected early and prevented ensuring the pet’s healthiest and longest life.

In the agility contest the golden retriever can be trained and proved. They are acknowledged by AKC,FCI, UKC,SKC,CKC,FIC and WWKC. The basic appearance of the AKC has standard of powerful, symmetrical and graceful. They must be having the capability of eagerness, alertness and confidence. They will need having gait and stability. If these qualities are not apparent, then the dog is taken into faulty of account. It affects its general score and also its functionality is shown. With the reputation of the breeds it achieved its popularity as the companion, partner and helper.

They have become famous in the terms of search, remedy, rescue, legislation, service and making some of versatile breeds of the kind. In search of a honest pet, Golden retriever is an best choice, if you know the facts regarding it, so you may some of these fit properly in your family.
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